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TNT’s dedicated Specialty Lifting Services Division provides lifting solutions utilizing gantry systems, counterbalance beams, jack and slides systems and specialty forklifts.


Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes are not an option. When used in combination with rail and slide systems, they also provide a means for moving and placing heavy loads.

TNT Crane & Rigging operates a fleet of hydraulic gantries with a lifting capacity ranging from 40 U.S. tons to 1220 U.S. tons with a maximum lifting height of 40 feet. We also inventory a wide range of accessories to complete the gantry system, including header beams, skid tracks, side shift systems and lifting lugs. Applications for these technologies include:

Hydrospex SBL1100

HydrospexSBL 1100 Super Boom Lift:The SBL 1100 is designed to meet the highest standards in safety and precision control to ensure optimum stability during lifting operations. It has a lifting capacity of 1,220 tons, a maximum lifting height of 40 feet, 200 feet of tracking capability and uses the remote-controlled Intellilift Control system, which features automatic synchronization and overload detection. The hydraulics and electrical systems are self-contained.


TNT developed a Counterbalance Beams for the installation and removal of components into or under structures where there are dimensional restrictions which prevent the use of a crane or gantry system.

The TNT Systems include custom designed devices that offer three-dimensional control and includes enhanced safety controls to prevent load loss. The counterweight held with a crane to assist in moving and positioning the load and controlled using a diesel powered hydraulic system. An operator maintains stability using a wireless remote.

The key innovations to the TNT Cantilever beam is the use of an automated braking system for the counterweights and custom extensions. The auto set brakes prevent the counterweights from shifting … a major safety concern for the crane industry.  The brakes on the TNT system lock automatically if the beam comes out of level by 15°.

TNT recently used the Cantilever Beam to lift and set the components of a new chiller system inside a tower in downtown Houston. The extension provided an additional 25’ reach plus a lower profile to improve clearance in a height limited work area around existing piping. The three largest components consisted of a condenser and an evaporator each weighing 30,000 pounds plus a compressor with an odd shape presented the biggest clearance challenge.

The TNT team lifted each piece from the flatbed trailers and swung to them wall opening. Once the loads reached the wall the counterweights were adjusted before touchdown and each piece was set into place in a controlled process. The compressor had the just six inches of clearance through the opening and the tightest placement next to the first two components and the existing pipe. Special rigging was used on the compressor lift to allow adjustment of the suspended load within the building so that it could be set into place. 


The TNT specialty fleet also includes 6,000-60,000 pound forklifts and rigging trailers equipped with a comprehensive inventory of tools and rigging equipment for complex projects.