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TNT's LTM 11200/9.1 - the World's Largest and Most Powerful Mobile Hydraulic Crane.
Assembling the Liebherr 11200
The LTM 11200/9.1 is the world's largest and most powerful mobile hydraulic crane. It meets the needs to accommodate taller structures and heavier loads in hard-to-reach places.

The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 1330 tons at an 8-ft. radius and up to 558 ft. of vertical reach. Its telescopic boom, the world's longest, can reach from 60 ft. to 328 ft. and the lattice jib 79 ft. to 413 ft. The maximum tip height is 630 ft. and the maximum radius is 425 ft.

The latest in mobile crane technology, Liebherr's all-terrain LTM 11200/9.1 not only ensures an efficient, reliable, and safer installation, it also completes larger lifts in a shorter amount of time, improving your bottom line.

Benefits of the Liebherr LTM 11200/9.1
The benefits of utilizing the LTM 11200/9.1 crane compared to similar class conventional cranes are: In addition, the crane's rubber tire traction and narrow 10-ft. width allows it to operate on-site without the civil road preparation often required for a 30-ft.-wide crawler crane. It can also move quickly and safely from location to location with a 400-ft. boom.